Bill Campbell Ministries


Bill Campbell is not an amateur. He is a veteran church leader. His ministries have taken him to rural, small town, city and urban congregations. He understands current congregational weaknesses and strengths.

    • Bill’s love for Christ and the church has led him to prepare for Christian leadership.    
    • Bill possesses college and seminary degrees through the doctoral level.
    • Bill has written an important book on church health - The Magnificent Church - "Having a Healthy Church in an Unhealthy Age."

Bill has been prepared in ministry to address your church and its health. Bill possesses a great love for Christ and the church. He desires to see your church be all it can be for Christ and others.

ATTENTION: You need to make the next MOVE. Invite Bill to come and lead your congregation in a CHURCH HEALTH SUNDAY. You will not be disappointed. In fact, it could be a time of spiritual reawakening for your church.

Why emphasize church health?

Rick Warren, the well-known author of, The Purpose Driven Church, and The Purpose Driven Life, has pointed out →

 “I believe the key issue for churches in the twenty-first century will be church health, not church growth.”

    • Bill has consulted with congregations and ministry leaders.

    • Bill is a gifted Christian communicator. He understands how to make complex issues understandable. He has taught in both college and seminary. And he has spoken in a variety of Christian contexts.