Bill Campbell Ministries

An Overview of Congregational Ministries

Church Consultation

Congregations often discover they have become dys-functional fellowships. In other words, they are unable to make progress. Work together. Achieve lasting and worthwhile spiritual and numerical growth. A trained church consultant has the ability to move a congregation out of a maintenance oriented mode and into a greater missional oriented mode. Doing a church consultation will be a comprehensive effort to move a church toward being a more functional and healthy fellowship.

Church Coaching

Perhaps a congregation does not need a full comprehensive consultation. A greater need is present, however, to consider specific issues, with a church coach/consultant, that are troubling the congregation. An issue or issues preventing a church from being a more fruitful and faithful fellowship. Bill Campbell is ready to assist and offer you direction.

Church Health Weekend

This opportunity enables a church to have exposure to the knowledge, wisdom and insight of a trained church health coach over a concentrated weekend. Bill Campbell would teach a combined adult Sunday School Class; field questions from members and church leaders; and preach at the Sunday services. Congregations will receive long-range benefits from this experience.

Congregational Teaching on Church Health

This ministry could be labeled: CHURCH HEALTH 101. It is designed to help members and leaders of a church understand the basics in being a healthy church. It could be taught as a series of Sunday School lessons; a weekend concentrated study; or, follow any other workable schedule during the week.