Bill Campbell Ministries

An Overview of Professional Ministries

Coaching Pastoral Leaders

The nature of today's world makes church leadership increasingly difficult. Thus, pastoral leaders are often confronted with numerous unusual barriers and hurdles. Where do you go for help? Assistance? Direction? An outside objective source can help the preacher immensely in seeing the road ahead more clearly. The problems pastoral leaders face can be personal and/or church related. Bill Campbell Ministries is uniquely designed to be a helpful resource in assisting pastoral leaders.

Speaking Engagements

Bill Campbell is available to speak regarding church health and leadership issues at conferences; conventions; workshops; men's gatherings; fellowship gatherings; minister's meetings; pulpit supply requests; and short-term classes. Contact Bill for scheduling him as a speaker.

Ministry Internships

College and seminaries require that students experience an internship during their overall academic training. This is learning that takes place beyond the classroom. It involves the participant in applying to real life situations what has been learned in the classroom setting. Bill Campbell Ministries offers students the opportunity of an insightful internship in leadership ministry and church health. This experience is also available for these person's desiring an internship exposure, but who are not presently a college or seminary student.

College/Seminary Teaching on Church Health

This is a more complete study of church health. It is designed for college and seminary credit; or, as a continuing education class for preachers, congregational leaders and lay persons. It grounds participants in the essentials of having a healthy church in these unhealthy times.